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Electrum - Frames Of Mind Samples

Ascension (1'31") Stream Download
Ensemble navigating through themes in the "B" section, including 7/8, 6/8 & 9/8 time signatures

Reverie (1'37") Stream Download
Chordal guitar solo, end of development section, and recap of one of the main themes

Measure Of An Unmade Grave (1'35") Stream Download
Moody and mellow synth-backed main themes

Frames Of Mind - Part I (1'46") Stream Download
Main themes with an emphasis on dynamics and rhythmic grooves over 12/8, 11/8 & 9/8 time signatures

Frames Of Mind - Part II (1'19") Stream Download
Atonal bass guitar and electric guitar solos over 9/8 percussion

Voices (1'14") Stream Download
Part III's complete drum solo over a synth and bass guitar-backed bed

Inertial Dampers Off-Line (1'06") Stream Download
Main themes over various odd time signatures, mostly 7/8 and 6/8

Portal To Arcanum (1'32") Stream Download
Organ-backed main themes, including a section in 7/4 meter

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