Gino Foti - World Fusion Music Catalog

Primary releases: "Hybrid of jazz, rock & world music, featuring: fretted & fretless bass guitars, piano & keyboards, and classical & electric guitars intertwined with myriad ethnic instruments and percussion."

Gino Foti - Geomantia Geomantia
Gino Foti - Global Resonances Global Resonances
Gino Foti - Xenosonic Journeys Xenosonic Journeys
Gino Foti - Orbis Terrarum Orbis Terrarum
Gino Foti - Sphere Of Influence Sphere Of Influence

Secondary releases: "Conceptual albums inspired by Dharmic traditions featuring keyboards & synthesizers, ethnic sonorities, as well as mantra chanting. MIDI bass guitar is used as often, if not more, than traditional electric bass."
Gino Foti - Bhavachakra Bhavachakra
Gino Foti - Vedic Mantras Vedic Mantras
Gino Foti - Bija Mantras Bija Mantras
Gino Foti - Panchakshara Panchakshara

Tertiary releases: "MIDI bass guitar, MIDI bass pedals, and synthesizers are the prominent instruments in a blend of ethnic fusion, meditation, spiritual music, and related genres. Concept albums, but unlike the above, in more experimental settings."
Gino Foti - Mystic Gleams Mystic Gleams
Gino Foti - Ghiza-i Ruh Ghiza-i Ruh
Gino Foti - Breath Of Vishnu Breath Of Vishnu

Compilations: "Albums featuring selected tracks from my primary and secondary releases, divided by geographic sub-genres, and available only in digital format(s)."
Gino Foti - Asian Mosaic Asian Mosaic
Gino Foti - Indian Mosaic Indian Mosaic
Gino Foti - Latin Mosaic Latin Mosaic
Gino Foti - Mediterranean Mosaic Mediterranean Mosaic