"The true way of progressing through music is to evolve freely, to go forward, not caring what others think, and in this way, together with one's development in music, to harmonize the life of one's soul, one's surroundings, and one's affairs." ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

Bass guitar and keyboard player Gino Foti is an instrumental fusion musician on Net Dot Music, an independent record label.

His catalog explores the relationships between diverse musical traditions, and the dichotomy of rhythm & melody of the bass guitar, primarily by integrating world music sonorities into his jazz-rock palette. He has also composed and arranged albums in classical, meditation, ambient, and other related instrumental hybrids.

News & Information  (Last update: November 29, 2021)

  • Latest release: Deep Devotion: J. S. Bach on Bass Guitar - Twenty arrangements, for one to four bass guitars, covering both sacred and secular, vocal and instrumental works from the master's oeuvre. All tracks performed on a standard (four strings, twenty-four frets, long scale) electric bass. Download the album, from our USA-based distributor, for $ 9.99

  • In the pipeline: Several projects, in different genres and stages of production. All completed releases will be published world-wide at a future time.

    • Clementi: Progressive Sonatinas, Op. 36 - Completed. Six sonatinas progressing in complexity and technical demands throughout seventeen movements. A combination of lively and playful pieces, with charming melodies and smooth rhythmic transitions, composed by "the father of the pianoforte".
    • Enigmatic Voyages - Completed. Eclectic blend of ambient, classical, drone, film score, meditation, and new age in long-form instrumentals emphasizing atmospheric sounds and layered textures, partly inspired by ancient navigators, and their maritime journeys.
    • Obumbratio - Two volumes, both in production. Fusion of classical, dark ambient, film music, and similar sub-genres. Inspired by the writings of Campbell, Jung, Nietzsche, and others who believe that embracing and integrating one's "shadow", or "darkness", is the correct path for true self-exploration.
    • Half-Open Doors - In pre-production. Instrumental fusion of ambient, classical, drone, film score, meditation, new age, and progressive rock. Inspired by the poem Den Halvfärdiga Himlen (The Half-Finished Heaven), by Nobel Prize winner Tomas Gösta Tranströmer.
    • Zen Circles - In pre-production. World Fusion. A collection of three suites featuring verses from the Dhammapada, mantras of venerated Bodhisattvas, and music inspired by the Ensō - sacred Zen circles of enlightenment.

  • Back catalog: Gino has organized his world fusion releases, to make it easier for visitors to find related albums.

  • Free MP3 album: Download one hour of music covering three different genres.

  • Distribution: Gino's world fusion catalog has been added to the Sugo Music Group, an American-based full service distributor, record label, PRO (Performance Rights Organizations) registrar, and entertainment company that provides global delivery, one-stop music distribution, publishing, and licensing services. Selected compositions appear on several volumes of their Various Artists compilations.

  • In memoriam: Electrum guitarist & co-founder Dave Kulju, died suddenly in December 2013. We dearly miss our brother-in-music. Lepää rauhassa.

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