Between Reality ...
The Only Alternative ...
Electric Bulb Tragedy
Mind Release
Lethal Blend
El Mirador
P. Ercu Shawn
Summoning Of ...
Access Granted
Mind Expansion Kit
The Missing Pieces
Creative Insanity
Into The Void
The Visionary
No Offense
Mind Over Matter
Alternate Search
Child Care Mix
Coming Back
March Of The Heart
Truth & Error
Viaggiando & ...
Wisdom Of The Sphinx

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Massimo - Mind Release

Massimo - Mind Release Track Listing
  • Emphasis of a Goddess
  • Dandelion of Screws
  • Mind Release
  • Between Time
  • World Change Imminent
  • Intangible Twist
  • Storm Chase
  • The Ether Stream
  • Re-Morse Code (Latin)
  • Even If I Have To
  • Re-Morse Code

Massimo - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, All Compositions

Guest Musicians:
Fernao Addanz - Keyboards
Ativana N’Bacchio - Electric Bass


This is “Mind Release". Massimo DeAngelis thirteenth and by far the most imaginative album. The drummer/composer mixes all his influences ranging from classical to jazz and anything in between to create an innovative genre of eclectic creativity. This album takes you on a journey through a complex maze of melodies, harmonies and you guessed it: rhythms. The trio's use of file sending recording (Fernao Addanz from Argentina and Ativana N’Bacchio from Senegal) strays away from the original way of studio live recording. Instead they instill a compositional reworking element to their music.

Massimo - “Once I found the basic structure of a given piece, I then send the tracks as files to Fernao and Ativana. When I finally get them back, their contributions inspired me to maybe rewrite some parts and/or record a different drum track.” The theme of complexity and abstract not only reads through on the cover art, but continues in the titles and compositional content. “Mind Release". Massimo DeAngelis certainly knows how to take you on a voyage through music even until the bitter end. And if you happen to get lost along the way, don’t worry, that’s a good thing. In short...play this album!

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