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Dave Kulju
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Gino Foti - Geomantia Samples

Sacred Geometry - Part I (0'45") Stream Download
Call and response melody between acoustic piano and fretless bass in 9/8.

Qing Long, Bai Hu (0'51") Stream Download
Bass guitar and acoustic piano duet, inspired by Chinese folk music.

The Receptive Earth (0'42") Stream Download
First half of the improvised acoustic piano solo from Part II.

The Independence Of Solitude [Tempo Libero: Part I] (0'41") Stream Download
Bass guitar solo piece in 6/8, blending Asian themes with European Classical.

Animus Mundi [Syzygy: Part I] (1'03") Stream Download
Acoustic piano melody & first lead break sections, influenced by Mediterranean folk music.

Anima Loci [Syzygy: Part II] (0'47") Stream Download
Wooden flutes introduction and percussion fade-in from Part I.

Medicine Wheel [Sacred Geometry: Part II] (1'00") Stream Download
Panned guitars outlining 4/4 & 5/4 polyrhythm, and part of the bass melody.

Gazing Into An Abyss (0'32") Stream Download
Acoustic piano free-time piece. Part II of Tempo Libero trilogy.

Telluric Currents (1'04") Stream Download
Guitar melody & repeat of opening, backed by rhythm section, piano & synths.

Sun Dogs (0'57") Stream Download
Guitar melody, unison section, and part of the bass guitar outro.

Trinacria (0'47") Stream Download
Medley of traditional Sicilian music. Sections transitioning from 3/4 to 4/4.

Yozakura (1'14") Stream Download
Improvised piano solo over chord progression of traditional Japanese Cherry Blossoms song.

Takusen (1'07") Stream Download
Free-time shamisen (fretless Japanese lute) solo over a synthesizer bed.

'Ilm Al-Raml (2'46")   Download
Part II in its entirety. Dueling bass guitars backed by doumbeks and other percussion.

Hieros Gamos (0'36") Stream Download
Two complex synthesizer beds & themes merged together. Part III of Tempo Libero.

Tetractys [Sacred Geometry: Part III] (1'01") Stream Download
Part of the acoustic piano solo in 6/4 time signature, influenced by J.S. Bach.

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