News & Updates: December 10, 2018

In Memoriam
Dave Kulju

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the death of co-founder and guitarist Dave Kulju. Gino released a concept album (see below) that features a tribute piece to Dave, as well as a composition co-written by both & arranged by the band, which would have been included on Electrum's third album, which you can download for free.

Some background information:
"Dave wrote the main themes and the ending passage that switches between 10/4 & 11/4, and I brought in the chord progressions for the two solo spots: the first influenced by Latin jazz, the second by Mediterranean folk music, as we were looking to include some world music to our sound. We also wanted to add more improvisational jazz aspects, so Dave did not record a solo on this demo, unfortunately. That's the bad news. The good news is that now there are two bass guitar solos. (Hmm... come to think of it, that is the bad news!)

Since the arrangement was "complete", as I could not edit or mix any individual instrument, I was left with very few choices to add chance to this piece. With no guitar solo, a rune casting (paying homage to Dave's Finnish ancestry) would pick which instrument would replace it, and fretless bass was chosen.

For the second solo, the choice was to use the material I had written years earlier, write new material, or use a hybrid of the two - which is the equivalent of what was cast. After both solos were recorded, I added some congas and doumbeks to the respective parts for some ethnic spice, since the drum programming was purposely left sparse by Dave under these sections.

Given that this began as a file sent through email almost a decade ago, and that there was no way for me to do a proper mixdown, the end result isn't all that bad. It's a brief glimpse on the path we were headed on."

Free Electrum MP3s
We have released a label sampler free mp3 album, with over eighty minutes of instrumental fusion, including two Electrum tracks:

Band Interview
Last band interview to - the ultimate source of progressive rock.

Side Projects: Dave Kulju
Dave released his second solo CD Notes in the Margin in 2010. The album was well-received by the prog community and its reviewers, featuring the centerpiece 30 minute composition A Poet's Talespin, with guest vocalist Annie Oya.

For more information, free mp3s of selected tracks, and to order CDs or mp3s, please visit

Side Projects: Gino Foti
Geomantia - Sixteen compositions exploring the dichotomy between design and chance by integrating aleatory music via geomantic devices, including: I Ching coins & hexagrams, dice, runes, and a tarot deck. Instrumental jazz/world fusion, with some elements of prog rock.

It features Dave on two of the longest tracks, and includes two trilogies: the first based on sacred geometry, arranged in several odd time signatures, and the second in free time.

Please visit for complete information, free mp3 album, and excerpts of every track in his catalog. We are also offering a special on his first six CDs for only $29.95, postpaid within the USA. (No international orders - sorry.)

YouTube Videos
Dave Kulju: It's Because Of... (unreleased single)

Gino Foti: Essence Of A Noble Soul (from Orbis Terrarum)

More videos are available through the #GinoFoti Channel.