Gino Foti: Bass Guitar, MIDI Pedals & Synthesizers
Gino has been playing bass guitar for over twenty years, including stints in the ubiquitous cover and jam bands of the greater Boston area, and is entirely self taught. Unlike many of his contemporaries, who have switched from electric guitar, he chose the bass because of its timbre and the challenge of exploring the instrument's built-in dichotomy of melody and rhythm.
Influences: He considers Geddy Lee, Jonas Hellborg, and Anthony Jackson as his "major triad", adding Ralphe Armstrong, Mark Egan, Stuart Hamm, Jeff Berlin, and Jaco Pastorius as secondary influences.
Diversions: Founder/President of Net Dot Music
Bass Guitars: Various (Steinberger XQ4 pictured was used for both Electrum releases)
Dave Kulju: Guitars & Synthesizers
Dave played guitars for close to thirty years, including several classic rock bands in high school. While studying music and audio engineering at UNC, he played in academic jazz ensembles and in a progressive rock cover band.
Influences: Änglagård, Beethoven, Miles Davis, Debussy, The Dregs, Dvorak, Echolyn, Genesis, Allen Holdsworth, Kansas, Mike Keneally, King Crimson, Marillion, Steve Morse, Mike Oldfield, Charlie Parker, Rush, John Scofield, Stravinsky, Sting, and Yes.
Diversions: Astronomy, baseball, coffee, cooking, hockey, MST3K, Public Radio, and various reading.
Guitars: Neil Bryan Custom Guitars NBC-P, NBC-S, NBC-T, Taylor Big Baby Acoustic
Joe Musmanno: Drums & Percussion
Joe has been playing drums for more than twenty years. He played for a couple of years with "The Project", as well as a brief stint with "Six Degrees". He also has acted as an audio engineer on a part-time basis at various venues in New England in the past.
Influences: Änglagård, Aragon, Camel, Clannad, Dream Theater, Egdon Heath, Everon, IQ, Jadis, Landmarq, Magellan, Mannheim Steamroller, Marillion, Rush, Saga, and Yes. For drumming inspiration: Neil Peart, Bill Bruford, Terry Bozzio, Mike Mangini, Mattias Olssen, and Dave Weckl
Diversions: In his spare time, he is a chess-player, movie-watcher, robot-designer, and a private pilot.
Drums: Drum Workshop drums, Premier & Ludwig snare drums, Zildjian & Sabian cymbals