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Net Dot Music is an independent record label specializing in instrumental fusion: all-instrumental music that blends several styles and genres. If you are an avid listener of jazz fusion, world fusion, progressive rock, or other instrumental music hybrids that combine various influences - even classical, new age, experimental, or avant-garde - you will probably connect with the music in our catalog.

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Last update: October 18, 2016
  • Latest releases: Mind Release - from improvisational jazz fusion drummer/composer Massimo, featuring Fernao Addanz on keyboards & Ativana N’Bacchio on electric bass, in eleven original compositions.

    Global Resonances - World fusion release from bass guitarist & keyboardist Gino Foti, featuring the integration of traditional ethnic music and modern jazz fusion influences into new experiments of cultural hybridity. Includes a fifteen-minute trilogy, four duets sans percussion, and an arrangement for four bass guitars of a J. S. Bach fugue. Compact discs are available as limited edition Digipaks.

  • Digital-only releases: Massimo has released P. Ercu Shawn, which features several chromatic percussion instruments, odd-time signatures, arrangements of compositions by Béla Bartók & Igor Stravinsky, and a cover of Frank Zappa's "The Black Page".

    His back catalog: Alternate Search, Child Care Mix, Coming Back, The March Of The Heart, Truth & Error, Viaggiando & Immaginando, and Wisdom Of The Sphinx is now available as well as MP3 Albums.

    Gino has released Asian Mosaic, Indian Mosaic, Latin Mosaic, and Mediterranean Mosaic - Fifty-two compositions from his world fusion catalog, compiled by geographic sub-genre.

    Selected compositions have been included in several various artists compilations released by Meritage Music, Portico, Solea Group, and SUGO Music.

  • In the pipeline: Geomantia, Gino Foti's seventh jazz/world fusion album will be released on December 06. This is a conceptual project of aleatory music - where several elements of the compositions were left to chance - using geomantic devices.

    He has also arranged several compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, for one to four bass guitars, with the material covering both sacred & secular, vocal & instrumental works from the master's oeuvre. Production will begin sometime next year.

  • CD sale: Buy Gino's first six releases for only $14.99 postpaid! (USA residents only)

  • Gino Foti 6 CD Set cover art

  • Free label sampler MP3 album: Download over eighty minutes of music from our entire artist roster for free!
  • Merchandise: More products have been added to Gino's CafePress storefronts.
    Gino Foti merchandise
  • In memoriam: Dave Kulju died suddenly in December 2013. We dearly miss our brother-in-music. Lepää rauhassa.
  • Dave Kulju

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